The Way of all the Earth

Joshua 23

Taken from Joshua 23, this is Joshua’s last ‘battle cry’ to the leaders of Israel. He knows he is going to die soon, and a new generation will need to step up and lead, with strength and courage, just as he was called to do. He reminds Israel how The Lord has never let him down, that every promise of God was fulfilled to him, but there is still work to be done. I love how Joshua’s passion still shines through, even at the end of his life he is filled with zeal. We all have to go someday, but to go out fighting, with your faith as strong as the first day, to pass the baton to the next generation; inspiring…

Today I am about to go
The way of all the Earth
I have this song it burns inside of me
This song it lives in some deep part of me
I’ve been a slave in foreign lands
I’ve been a slave, but you untied my hands
You led me home and I walked for forty years
You led me home, and now its time to go
The way of all the Earth
I know in all my heart
And I know in all my soul
Not one word of all the good good words you spoke to me
Not one word has ever failed they all have been fulfilled
And I have laughed and I have cried
Looked down on kings and seen them die
I put my feet upon this road
Walked every step, now I’m about to go
The way of all the Earth

And I have climbed the Holy hill
Make me to stand, here, in this holy place
You cleaned my hands, You lift my heart
You filled my soul and every deep deep part of me
And I have seen the nations run
Even to the great sea toward the setting sun
Then washed away when darkness comes
My battle cry, my day is done
The way of all the earth

R Packham, 2019