Song of the Seven

Joshua 5: 13 – 6: 27

The Fall of Jericho

This is a special song to me, in the sense of the absolute nature of the ‘Divine Justice’. Trumpets are represented all through scripture, as an instrument of herald, of warning, of announcement and of truth. In the story, Joshua is told by an Angel of God exactly how to approach the Battle of Jericho. Jericho was the first stronghold within the lands east of the Jordan River to which Israel laid claim. All eyes of many tribes and peoples were on the outcome of this day. Joshua and his army marched around the city every day for six days, carrying the Ark of the Covenant before them and blowing their trumpets. On the seventh day they marched around the city seven times and then, with trumpets and the cry of the people, the walls of Jericho collapsed and its fate was sealed.
The song to me is a warning cry, that one day all our fates will be sealed. While we are alive we have a chance to respond to God’s word, to seek out Truth in our lives, and to make the choice: Life or Death. Many will choose not to believe, but many will sit on the fence, neither one way or the other. Life’s experience has hardened the hearts of many: life is hard. The Bible is clear: Pride, stubborn refusal, bitterness, un-love, all the walls we hide our hearts behind will fall before the Throne. A time and day has been appointed and we will all stand before the judgement seat. The only survivors from Jericho were those who listened to a prostitute who offered them refuge in her home. Before God, all are equal. Romans 3:21-24.

I’m here, and I sing the song of the seven
And the sound of trumpets leading the way home
Around the walls that you built up
And the lies you live to keep up the walls
And your walls will come falling down, falling down
Your time, is sand and slip through your fingers
In your heart you could forgive if you wanted
And I’m here, and I sing the song of the seven
And the walls, the bitterness made of years
And your walls will come crumbling down, crumbling down
And I’m here, and I sing the song of the seven
All the love you store it up for the right time
Did you think that the days would keep coming?
And your pride, waiting there at the walls
And your walls will come crashing down, crashing down
And I’m here; I sing the song of the seven
On my knees, and everyone will bow down
And your words, keep them all for the mercy seat
Where your tongue, and everyone will confess
Then your walls will come crashing down, crashing down

R Packham, 2019