Coming Down from Above

Joshua 3: 1-17

One of two songs about ‘The Crossing of the Jordan’. This song is celebratory in its style and is meant to be from ‘The People’s’ perspective. I imagined the stories that were told round the camp fires the night after this amazing day when a river in flood had stopped flowing so that the entire People of Israel could cross into The Promised Land on dry land. After 400 years of oppression, persecution, slavery and wandering, The People were finally coming home.

I buried my mother in the desert sand
My father died before he saw these lands, saw these lands
I’ve been three days by the fireside
But now I’m crossing over to the other side, other side

Cross the river, Cross the river
Cross the river to the other side
This tides for turning when the water’s piled up high
Piled up high by the river shore
10,000 people but there could be more
It was harvest time and the river in flood
Must be the spirit coming down from above

Consecrate yourselves for this is how you’ll know
He will be with you wherever you go
I put my best foot forward and my faith took a leap
I heard that all the water’s piled up in a heap


R Packham, 2019