The Mighty Trumpet Company is a seven-piece band from Dorset, England.  They are all seasoned musicians who between them have played in over two dozen bands over twenty or so years. They deliver a great live show and have been delighting audiences with their own brand of melodious folk/rock grooves over the past four years.

The Mighty Trumpet Company are vocals/guitar Roger Packham, Ewa Irek piano/keyboards, Simon Dodderidge on bass, Caleb Green drums, Jane Dodderidge on vocals, Brian Murphy guitar and Charlotte Gallagher on fiddle.

The band is bound by a common love of great musicianship, Country, folk, classical and alternative music. Over the winter the band has been recording and working on their debut album, ‘The Strength and the Courage’, based on the Book of Joshua, which was released in April, 2019.The Mighty Trumpet Company draws inspiration from spiritual themes, using the ‘Story Telling’ of folk tradition to weave together a rich tapestry of sound that blends rock with contemporary folk music in their own unique way. The Mighty Trumpet Company are gathering a word-of-mouth following in Dorset and beyond.

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